Local Delicacies

Some recommended local food and delicacies in Lundu, we can serve to you at Pandan if booked in advance. 



Kolo Mee / Laksa

These are must-try local delicacies if it's your first time visiting Kuching / Lundu. In Lundu town, you can even find vegetarian or halal version of Kolo mee or Laksa. The stalls are open mostly from morning till noon, so preferably don't plan it as your dinner to avoid disappointment. 




Manok Pansoh (Iban Traditional Food -Chicken in Bamboo Shoots)

Cooking in the bamboo is Sarawak local specialty, besides the delicious aroma arises from the bamboo itself, this cooking method also give rise to soft and tender texture to the meat. In modern days, some may add in own preferences such as mushrooms or even ajinomoto to suite own tastebuds. 


DINNER - Pandan BBQ: 



There are a variety of food choices for BBQ / Steamboat. Our Villa provides BBQ pits with tables and chairs to enjoy your meal while you enjoy the night view of twinkling stars.


DINNER - Local Cafe: 


Local Dishes (from RM15/pax)

This 5 course meal may look too simple, but the fish is fresh directly from the fishermen, the veges you may not easily found elsewhere, the kampong chicken is without chemical injections, and the soup tastes naturally clear without heavy flavorings, just nice for your nature getaway.


DINNER - Town: 


Malay Stalls

At night in Lundu Town, there is a cluster of Malay stalls oferring varieties of local food such as satays, fried noodle, kueh tiao soup, BBQ fish, etc. And of course, list of drinks for your choice including Teh tarik, Milo ice, Ice lemon tea, etc.


DINNER - Vegetarian / Vegan: 



Wild Vegetables / Steamboat

The jungle is the supermarket especially for vegetarians. We can easily settle a meal with bamboo shoots, yam leaves, our favourite paku-pakis (fern leaves), the list goes on. If order in advance, we can get ready some mock-meat to add varieties if preferable. 




ABC (Acronym of Air Batu Campur - meaning mixed ice)  

A refreshing desert made of shaved ice, red beans, grass jelly, agar-agar cube and cendol. Topping of evaporated milk and rose syrup is drizzled over the mountain of ice.





From reactions of those whom have tried this unique fruit, you will either love it or hate it, but no harm try it for a special experience!

However Durian is seasonal fruit, you may find it occasionally out of season, but that will be very costly.


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